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Ovais Sarmad

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Ovais Sarmad

Managing Migration for the benefit of All

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Ovais Sarmad

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Ovais Sarmad

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About Ovais Sarmad

Ovais Sarmad actively engages in and supports meaningful proactive solutions for humane human development and environmental sustainability. With a long career in the United Nations multilateral system dealing with global issues of human mobility, environmental sustainability and addressing climate change.he made significant contributions to shaping the organisational effectiveness and international efforts to manage migration and combat climate change.

As the former Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), he played a pivotal role in driving organisational development to steer global climate action and promote sustainable development. 

His dedication to inspiring the younger generation and his expertise in multilateralism, organisational change and sustainable practices makes him a visionary in the fields of organisational change and stewardship, human development and environmental integrity.


Leading Global Climate Action: Ovais Sarmad's Impact at the UN Climate Change

Through visionary leadership and unwavering commitment he has driven transformative change in organisational effectiveness and policy-making in tackling one of the most pressing challenges of our time: climate change. His contributions and dedication to global climate action have earned him widespread recognition as a thought leader and change-maker. Through his visionary leadership andi integrity he continues to inspire individuals and organisations worldwide to join forces in building a sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

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Ovais Sarmad with youth (YOUNGO) representatives at Pre-COP in Costa Rica


Inspiring the
Next Generation

Ovais Sarmad firmly believes in the power of the younger generation to shape a sustainable future for all. Through various initiatives, he actively works to engage with a variety of stakeholders including to empower youth on issues such as addressing the impacts of climate change on human mobility, environmental conservation and sustainable living. From promoting environmental education to fostering mentorship programs, Ovais seeks to inspire and guide young individuals towards making a positive impact globally, nationally and in their communities.


Visualizing Ovais Sarmad's Journey

Explore a captivating gallery showcasing Ovais Sarmad's dynamic roles in UNFCCC, his impactful contributions to IOM, and his influential presence at various conferences. Immerse yourself in the visual narrative of his remarkable journey, highlighting his dedication to global sustainability and meaningful change.


Featured Publications and Media

Ovais Sarmad's insights and expertise have been widely recognized and featured in numerous publications and media outlets. From thought-provoking articles to influential interviews, his contributions have helped raise awareness and shape public discourse on pressing environmental issues. Explore a selection of publications and media mentions that highlight Ovais's thought leadership, vision, and commitment to addressing the challenges of climate change.

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